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Weekend Project VI

Published: August 21 2013

I got hold of some RGB led strip few weeks back and have been trying out various things with it, here is a collection of some of them

Controlling and Switching RGB leds from browser/android app

Controlling color using a HSV color wheel

Music Visualization using Android app

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Weekend Project V

Published: May 19 2013

I have been seeing a number of Automation or Internet/Mobile controlled home appliances projects like Lifx or Ninja Blocks which made me wonder ‘how hard is it actually to do such a thing?’ (from the hardware point of view) so for this Weekend Project I got my self some opt-isolated relays and a power strip with the idea of creating a power switch that can be controlled by TTL, this project is really easy but relatively risky as it involves switching 220V AC so some care is needed

anyways here is a simple use case demo

get a set of opto isolated relays get a cheap power strip open up the power strip remove the unnesacerry items and make some room for the relay board to make the relay board fit in the space we can break some plastic parts by applying little force mark the holes for relay create some holes looking good Finally make the connections to relays

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Raspberry Pi

Published: December 25 2012

After waiting for more then a month my Raspberry Pi finally arrived last week. Its a great piece of hardware at a great price, as always I am not really clear on what all I am going to do with it, initial plan was a Media Center running XBMC for the TV, I live in a rented apartment which I am sharing with some friends, we have an old 21” CRT TV which does not have any input source like VGA/HDMI, so the RCA composite video connector on Raspberry Pi made a lot of sense.

To power it I am using the charger I got with my Galaxy Tab which has a nice 5 Volt - 2 Ampere output which should be more then sufficient for what i have planned

Since it boots directly through an SD card converting it from one project to other is really easy, currently I have 2 configurations on 2 saperate SD cards, one with XBMC (Raspbmc) streaming to TV from my NAS and other with Arch Linux for testing out different server/service configuration

and well here are some pictures

PS - This just showed up on HN!

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Moving to Github Pages

Published: December 13 2012

I have finally decide to move to Github Pages instead of S3, since i was anyways using jekyll, moving to github pages was easy, Github has some instructions here, I have also added redirects from wordpress to this blog for the moment, there are few images/files which are pointing to wp-uploads in my older posts, I still need to move them somewhere else and then I can finally say bye bye to wordpress

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Moving from Wordpress to S3

Published: December 12 2012

Finally i decided to move away from Wordpress to a Static blog hosted entirely on S3. I have a lot of things tied up with wordpress, planning to move them over when i get more time, till then i will be using both wordpress and S3, new blog location and Post Archive

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