Bring it on!!!!!!

So well i am back again and i am writing this post from my new HP 6515b laptop which i was provided by my college, and to tell you its not what i was expecting, now ubuntu is giving me trouble connecting to wifi after i some how booted into X enviorment using the 8.37.6 drivers, more on that on a next post.

So comming to the laptop part the config is here

Processor : AMD Turion 64 TL-56 1.84 GHZ


Graphics card : ATI x1250 ( integrated )

Screen : 14.1 (1280x800)


rest is same with all i guess and this well i forgot this has got Windows Vista Buisness with it and aero works kind of ok with it but it eats up a hell lot of ram which really makes things slow so for playing games so you will have to disable some eyecandy, by the mention of games you must have got it by now that late night (early morning) gamming has really started over here and well i am not actively into it, but people living near me are wow that leaves me with a supurb idea

Published: September 30 2007

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