Problem with Gtalk in Kopete

some people have trouble connecting to Gtalk on Kopete here is hoe to do it.

  • Open Kopete go to Settings»configure»accounts
  • Add a new Jabber account.
  • Enter your complete Google Mail address and corresponding password.
  • go to the Connection page of the dialog.
  • check “Use protocol encryption (SSL)” checkbox
  • check “Allow plain-text password authentication” checkbox
  • check “override default server information” checkbox
  • and set server to “ port 5223, If you are behind a firewall and can’t connect to the 5223 port you can use the 443 port (standard SSL port).

there you are all set to connect and enjoy

NOTE :- if you recive some sort of SSL errors just install the qca-tls package by ‘sudo apt-get install qca-tls’ in debian/Ubuntu

Published: October 16 2007

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