Whatever happened to Tape Worm

Tape Worm

It all started with an IEEE workshop in end of September when it was decided that 5 people abhimanu (shabby), Shankar, Me ( Ankur/OS ), Nikhil and Shantanu will be there in my team and then after few class everything was over, we never decided on what exactly are we going to make and then suddenly on 9th out of nowere i came with an idea of making a bot while talking with ankit and then it all started and i found that i was the only one working on it and the team mates were nowere to be seen, so with little mutual help from ankit we started with it, the fact that ankit was also going to participate in that helped us, we selected the designs got the material ( some insane trips to Udupi ) and acctually made it in 2 days. I used 4 pepsi can for the design so i got to drink 4 pepsi’s ;-) and a lot of Tape thus TAPE WORM was born, ankit went for some strange name of UGLY DUCKLING which actually sounded cool at that time.

But it was all same in the end, we participated and enjoyed a lot, there were some 40 teams and only 8 made it to the second round  ( with huge question marks on a lot of people’s face ) and we didnt but well we were so close to almost making it, anyways i am ready for the next time …

Published: October 24 2007

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