Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Happy new year 2008 to all of you, well i have been busy most of the time with a lot of stuff and there was a lack of bandwidth so was not able to blog but there are some good things like this

KDE 4 comming

yes KDE 4.0 is coming and i still think that i will stick with Gnome when most of my friends are saying they will go for KDE, now why is that i still dont know (maybe because it reminds me of Windows or because i am used to of interface of Gnome) whatever the reason be i plan to use it for some time and then return back to Gnome. Ok now things that i have been doing lately

tried learning PHP but left it on Day one, i know it not that hard to learn PHP and its really gr8 if you know it but still i left it for Python which i find really easy (well as of now) and hope to make something out of it, work for the automated script of Fedora 8 in complete and for Ubuntu 7.10 major portion in complete, i tried making a feed aggregator which will display all feed on a web page so as to make a blogroll but left it after i faced some problems with blogspots atom feeds and now i am using Planet for it, work on Ubuntu and Fedora repositories is almost complete with ubuntu giving strange problems sometime, i received invite from QIk but its not working for me will find a way to make it work sometime, i have also watched a large number of Episodes of different shows and well around 15 movies, well thats almost all of it now i still have around 11 days before i go back to Manipal, i hope 2008 will be a gr8 year

Happy New Year to all again, now i will go and watch a movie

Published: January 01 2008

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