Nokia to Acquire Trolltech

Nokia the Leader in Mobile Devices is going to acquire Trolltech which if you remember originally made the QTopia aka Qt operating system they made a announcement today, i wonder what all is happening these days Sun acquire’s MySql and now this, with this Nokia plans on cross-platform development environments to make applications run on PC and Mobile Devices.

“Trolltech and Nokia share the goal of accelerating the adoption of Trolltech’s Qt based technology in the commercial market and in the open source community,” said Haavard Nord, CEO and founder of Trolltech. Eirik Chambe-Eng, Chief Troll and co-founder of Trolltech continues “We are thrilled to join forces with Nokia. The company’s innovative culture and resources will give our employees new and exciting possibilities and fulfill our vision of “Qt everywhere”.”

Nokia intends to continue to enhance Trolltech products through active and ongoing development, for both desktop and mobile. To further stimulate industry innovation based on Trolltech’s products, Nokia plans to continue to license Trolltech technology under both commercial and open source licenses. More info here

Published: January 28 2008

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