Google announces AppEngine

app engine

GoogleCode at their second CampFireOne announced App Engine a developer tool that enables anyone to run their web applications on Google’s infrastructure , which will be a closed beta with with only 10000 developers having access on first come first serve basis. its similar to AWS (Amazon Web Services) but takes every thing further. Google App Engine applications are implemented using the Python programming language. The runtime environment includes the full Python language and most of the Python standard library. App Engine also includes a scalable datastore, Django templating system and an open-source Python logging system. Its also provides authentication, analytics and access to Google service APIs. There is also a SDK available for local development. It also has the ability to move apps to the web in just a single command. Google will also provide 500 MBs of storage and enough bandwidth and processing power to serve 5 Million pages per month along with a free subdomain on or you can also use google apps to server the app on your domain

If you’d like to try it out, sign up for access to the preview release (well 10,000 limit has been reached sry hard luck) but you can download the SDK and try building the apps locally till you get an invite. You can also check out their blog for more updates and info

Published: April 08 2008

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