iPhone3G or Openmoko Freerunner


We all have been listening ( reading ) a lot about the new iPhone 3G and how it is different, better and well cheaper from the first generation iPhone and a question came to my mind with Airtel and Vodafone planning to launch iPhone what will happen to Openmoko how many people know about it and well its available in India at a price of around RS. 20,000 by IDA system its really a great Phone to own actually Openmoko Freerunner is the second phone which will run Openmoko software and is similar to the first Neo 1973 its specification are

  • Processor – Samsung S3C2442 500MHz
  • RAM – 128MB
  • Flash – 256MB
  • Display – 2.8-inch diagonal 640 x 480 VGA Color TFT LCD
  • Graphics – SMedia 3362-based 3D graphics acceleration
  • Accelerometers – 2 x 3D accelerometers
  • Audio – “high-quality” audio codec
  • USB – 1 x version 1.1, switchable between client and host modes
  • Cellular – 2.5G tri-band GPRS/GSM (900MHz or 850MHz, depending on region)
  • WiFi – 802.11b/g WiFi
  • Bluetooth – version 2.0
  • GPS – AGPS (assisted global positioning system) receiver

Which is really great Freerunner does not have 3G but well in India at present there is no 3G and i dont think it will be there anytime this year as frequency allocation has not taken place add to that only planning is going on which will take a lot of time so remove all the 3G factor from iPhone 3G

Another thing Openmoko Freerunner is a complete Open Source Phone you can download the whole source code and change it according to your wish and well about the applications there will be plenty of applications available for it at no cost So while many of people around me will go for iPhone 3G ( without 3G ) i am going to FREE MY PHONE!!!!!!

Published: June 29 2008

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