MinWin and Windows 7 - You got it all wrong

Somedays ago when i was traveling to Bangalore from Manipal in the Bus i read a tweet about MinWin from Aditya and day after that he tweeted this “aditya: @Ankur MinWin exists in Vista too. I’m still not buying the ‘modular OS’ theory, and from I’ve seen, W7 keeps me happy about buying a Mac :)” now i know he is a big mac fanboy but that made me think how many people are thinking that MinWin is a part of Windows 7 ( when ever it comes ) well its not, just see this and notice

Now, this is an internal only - you won’t see us productizing this - but you could imagine this being used as the basis for products in the future. This is the Windows 7 source code base, and it’s about 25 megs on disk. Compare that to the four gigs on disk that the full Windows Vista takes up. We don’t have a graphics subsystem other than text in this particular build

I also noticed this in Wikipedia

A minimalistic variation of the Windows kernel, known as MinWin, was being developed for use in Windows 7

Come on people try to understand this MinWin in not something made exclusively for Windows 7, rather The code from Windows 7 Kernel was taken and slimmed down to make MinWin, so Windows 7 will be like addition of more crap over Vista Now who will tell them them and them Anyways i am Happy with my Fedora 9 Laptop……..

PS - Aditya i have nothing against you buddy

Published: June 16 2008

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