My Conky config

Conky as its description says ” It is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop. ” which well describes all that is there, and there are many different ways to configure it, well to be presise there are 250+ objects so the configuration options are limitless

My Desktop With Conky running

above is the image of my Desktop running conky and i have 2 file one ” .conkyrc ” and other ” .conky/ammarok ” in my home folder (i.e /home/ankur/) the files are ” .conkyrc rename the file to .conkyrc ” and ” .conky/amarok” which is a amaroK info display script by eirc

you need to place amarok in ~/.conky/amarok make a folder .conky if it does not exist, also make ~/.conky/amarok executable, simply type ” chmod +x ~/.conky/amarok ” enjoy!!!

PS - If you dont have conky simply do yum install conky or sudo apt-get install conky

Published: November 25 2008

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