Perl, Django and hopefully a new blog

Almost 15days have passed since my vacations and i am really enjoying it, i get great Home cooked Food, enjoy pastries and stuff form a not so far bakery can sleep for as much as i want ( which is mostly around 7-9 hrs ) spend my whole time watching Movies, Series and Learning new things and well my results are out got more GPA then what i got till now with attending around half the classes in a regular sem because of the attendances that i got….

Now talking about the Important Things, What All i have Done Till now

Perl - after asking many people about how to begin with Perl and hearing all sorts of answers i finally decided its time for me to go for it, So in Bangalore i bought myself the Llama Book and started Perl, the Llama Book from what i feel is perfect for beginning Perl it clearly explains everything and after that you have Google to help to everywhere. So i now can say happily that i know Basic Perl

And well after that i started with Django and i really like it at firstĀ  MTVĀ  (Model Template View) seemed strange but i got it looks gr8, so after my new found love for Django i wanted to shift my blog from wordpress to Django but was not able to find anything that would allow me setup a simple blog, so i have started writing code for my own blog and write now trying to find a way for importing existing wordpress entries to my blog and hope to release the code as soon it starts working without a glitch and move to it, i am plannig to keep compatibility all the post urls if someone has got some link to my wordpress blog they wont break…..

Published: December 21 2008

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