HowTo MPD with Pulse audio

A Little background, i just shifted to mpd from Amarok 2.0 somewhy i dont seem to like Amarok 2 but thats a different story, For those who dont know MPD is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. which runs as a daemon and has a lot of front ends for it, Sonata being a popular one.

now coming to the point i use Fedora 10 and it has Pulseaudio by default, now the problem is i some time get “NO Read Permission” in Sonata and then mpd would stop working, in mpd.log file i will find “Error opening ALSA device “hw:0,0”: Device or resource busy” error, which means this is an pulseaudio permission issue, to solve it we need to change the mpd.conf (/etc/mpd.conf) to

audio_output {
        type                    "pulse"
        name                    "My Device"
        device                  "hw:0,0"        # optional
        format                  "44100:16:2"    # optional

then we need to add

load-module module-native-protocol-tcp auth-anonymous=1 

to /etc/pulse/ which gives everybody permission to use pulseaudio and thats it.

NOTE - its like using a Tank to kill a fly but since this is my personal laptop i think this should do just fine

Published: February 13 2009

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