ION proxy login problem

a few days ago ION (WiFi provider in Manipal University) started an ISA based proxy using NTLM authentication, which was explained to me as a client install!!! some people are facing a lot of problems with it, their browsers are asking for authentication (login) again and again, and repositories are not working on Linux.

So here is a simple screencast with solution for this problem it works great in Linux (esp. Fedora) i have also included configuring yum here, if someone wants to use apt-get (debian/ubuntu) they can do

 export http_proxy=

Ok coming to the main point, go and download and then watch the video here

People on windows can install python from here and then follow the steps ION proxy problem solved

Note:- If You face any problem please post back here….

PS:- every thing in Text form coming soon… (i am lazy)

Published: February 15 2009

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