JavaFX and Pong

There was a workshop conducted by engineers form SUN in my college regarding JavaFX, which went quite well. I was planning to start with JavaFX but as there was no Official release of any Linux SDK, it kept me back but this semester i had to install Windows because of my University which wants me to use Visual Studio for my mini project, so as i had Windows (unwillingly) on my system i planned to go and attend this JavaFX workshop.

From what i have learned in these two days, JavaFX looks promising for developing Rich Internet Applications, the language is somewhat a mixture of JavaScript and Java. With Type Inference , Audio/Video support etc making it very easy to use and create applications with.

In the workshop after every thing was over we were asked to make a simple application in JavaFX, so here is my code for a Simple pong game in JavaFX the resolution is set to 1440x900 you can change it to your resolution in the code

if you cannot see the code see here

PS - as i dont normally boot into windows i dont think that i will do anything in it soon, i am waiting for Linux JDK to be released…

Published: March 01 2009

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