Get updates of completed torrents via SMS

This Sunday when i was giving DBUS a look and thinking about all the cool things possible with it, one of my friend came asking how can he control his torrents from anywhere and i thought controlling is ok, do you want SMS updates??, i fired up qdbusviewer and there it was a simple way to get sms notifications of finished torrents using well twitter and ktorrent, so here are the steps

  • setup your cell phone to recieve SMS updates in twitter,
  • get one more twitter account lets say ktorrent, follow ktorrent and turn device updates on,
  • now save the script below say as
  • now enter this ktorrent account username and password in the script below,
  • start ktorrent if not already started, now run the script by typing “python”

code ->

import dbus,base64,urllib2,urllib
from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop


def tweet(msg):
        request = urllib2.Request('')
        request.add_header('Authorization', 'Basic %s' % base64.encodestring('%s:%s' % (username,password))[:-1])
        request.add_data(urllib.urlencode({'status': msg.encode('utf-8')}))
        opener = urllib2.build_opener()

s = dbus.SessionBus()
kt = s.get_object("org.ktorrent.ktorrent","/core")

def update(k):
        torrent = s.get_object("org.ktorrent.ktorrent","/torrent/"+k)
        name = torrent.get_dbus_method("name","org.ktorrent.torrent")
        tweet("ktorrent: finished " +name())


import gobject
loop = gobject.MainLoop()

you are done, now whenever a torrent finishes the script will twit and you will receive an SMS update enjoy

Published: April 06 2009

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