Getting started with pthread

Recently i have started coding in C a lot and what i came across from a lot of people is that doing Threading in C is very hard, is it really like that? here is a simple Pthread program that should clear that up

get it here

in the above program i have just created 2 threads and passed thr1 ( = 1 ) and thr2 ( = 2 ) values as parameters the function void * thread ( void * ptr ) is executes as a separate thread, we create two thread objects thread1 and thread2, and start threads using pthread_create function passing thread object, function pointer and parameters as arguments, here NULL specifies default attributes for the thread, we can change this by passing pthread_attr_t structure instead of NULL.

we wait for the threads to finish using the pthread_join function

One major problem that is faced by most of the people is of using a library which is not a thread safe library, so you need to be careful about the libraries you use in your program, if not sure about a particular library being thread safe, just assume its not thread safe

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Published: September 24 2009

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