Weekend Project IV

Arduino UNO

Few days back i bought an Arduino UNO board, this is my first Arduino Project and it was damn easy!! I can see the power that Arduino has to offer for hobbyist, i have worked on 8051 and few avr (without Arduino) before, doing stuff with an arduino is pretty easy and straightforward.

In this weekend project i am using a JHD162a (16x2 LCD) connected with Arduino UNO to display the name of the current song being played, i am running mpd on my machine so have used python-mpd to retrieve song info and pyserial to transfer the data over UART to UNO, the UNO just spits out the data received over UART to the LCD.

This is a copy of my earlier project which i did in my third year in college, but that was using a 8051 and i wrote a library (code available here) to control the LCD, currently i am using the LiquidCrystal Arduino library for that.

here is the demonstration

UPDATE -> song name, artist and time also added, video here

PS - you might also want to see the extremely cheap CNC machine being made by one of my friend

Published: September 24 2011

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