Simple MVC implementation for PHP

It has been some time since i have worked on a ‘significant’ side project, i have started to feel a slow down in the number of side projects i do not because of my full time work at Zynga but because i have become too lazy, to break this chain and to make sure i at least work on some project i have decided to work on a side project at least once in 2 weeks, i hope i will be able to keep this new year resolution.

Few weeks ago i tried my hands on Yii i really liked it, its simple, easy and efficient !! which made me wonder how much effort is there in writing a MVC framework in PHP, few hours work and the result was mvc-php (ya i suck at giving names to projects), i have used mod_rewrite and got basic controllers working, now working on getting Smarty integrated but still cant decide on what to use for models, was thinking about doctrine but it looks bulky, i still have no particular use case for mvc-php, i hope it gets some where :P

Published: January 01 2012

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