Raspberry Pi

After waiting for more then a month my Raspberry Pi finally arrived last week. Its a great piece of hardware at a great price, as always I am not really clear on what all I am going to do with it, initial plan was a Media Center running XBMC for the TV, I live in a rented apartment which I am sharing with some friends, we have an old 21” CRT TV which does not have any input source like VGA/HDMI, so the RCA composite video connector on Raspberry Pi made a lot of sense.

To power it I am using the charger I got with my Galaxy Tab which has a nice 5 Volt - 2 Ampere output which should be more then sufficient for what i have planned

Since it boots directly through an SD card converting it from one project to other is really easy, currently I have 2 configurations on 2 saperate SD cards, one with XBMC (Raspbmc) streaming to TV from my NAS and other with Arch Linux for testing out different server/service configuration

and well here are some pictures

PS - This just showed up on HN!

Published: December 25 2012

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